Norco Rocks is a rock painting, hide and seek group in the Norco,California area! If you have found a rock please join our Facebook group and tell us!

Norco, California is a great small town tucked between the big cities in California, we are also know as Horse Town USA! We have horse trails instead of sidewalks and the number of horses in town is probably higher than the human population!

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The most popular rock in all of Norco! Pumpkin Rock sits high in the hills overlooking the town. It is a community effort to keep him painted and always smiling. Pumpkin Rock has been a part of Norco for many years and will be for many more!

Norco Rocks

Trading Post is open!


 If you are interested 

in having your ad here please contact me.

   Norco Rocks Trading Post is a place you can pick a rock, drop off a rock or trade your rocks! There is also a crate of unpainted rocks that you may take.

    The Trading Post has new rocks everyday so make sure you stop by often!

Also be sure to check in on Facebook and post a pic!

The Trading Post is located on California Ave near 7th st.

If you are interested in setting up a Trading Post let me know!

If you have found a rock or have feedback please comment below!

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